22 May 2018

Sarina Range reconstruction on track

More than half of the major slips on Marlborough-Sarina Road, along Sarina Range, are now restored, with work on track for completion by the end of the year.
Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey inspected the site today, and said works were set to be completed by December.
"We understand that many in the local community are doing it tough, and understand how critical it is that this work is completed safely and as quickly as possible," Mr Bailey said.
“Natural disasters of any scale cause unwanted disruption to the community, and we are working to reinstate the Sarina Range section of Marlborough-Sarina Road as quickly as possible.

The scale of damage caused here has to be seen to be believed.
"However, extensive planning and works have already been completed, including structural and geotechnical investigations, and the establishment of designs to safely and effectively restore the road.
“Clearing of major debris deposits across the road and nearby drains has also been undertaken, with more than 130,000 tonnes of slip material removed.
“Safety and stabilisation works around the major slip site on the up-slope are also complete.
“Additionally, I am happy to announce 19 of the 30 areas requiring repair are now restored.
“Recently completed works on the main slip site include the excavation of the original road to a six-metre depth.
“The downhill slope of the main slip site will now be stabilised with soil nails, and, once complete, reconstruction of the road will start.
“This includes a concrete binding layer at the base, and a six-to-eight-metre mass block retaining wall.”
Mr Bailey said additional sealing and several upgrades were completed along Koumala-Bolingbroke Road, which was used as the recommended detour route.
“Additional funding was also allocated to improve the safety and condition of Koumala-Bolingbroke Road, with sealing works underway,” he said.
“Due to the increase in traffic, Koumala-Bolingbroke Road is inspected weekly by my department and Mackay Regional Council – as a collaborative approach to maintenance and road safety.”
Reconstruction works for the Sarina Range stretch of Marlborough-Sarina Road will be jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Government under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Media Release Queensland Government 

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Mark Baile

Video Levi Dobbins

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