29 January 2020

YouTube is Dead, A tsunami of Demonetised Channels, Monetize with Dailymotion is Easy.

YouTube is Dead, A tsunami of Demonetised Channels, Monetize with Dailymotion is Easy.
YouTube is Dead: The Chatter in YouTube Review Groups is Huge the word is 8000 Channels Demonetized in December.

People are saying that YouTube Is Demonetised all Small Channels. EG: If you earn only $100 a Month that makes your Channel at risk of been demonetised.
 My Promise you follow my Channel I'll follow Yours:


I'm going to take some time to fix all my Videos. 
Here is the Problem, Video's made for Children.
 I now have to go through all my videos that weren't originally made for Children but children might appear in the Video (EG: Street Performers Children are in the back Ground) So I have to Flip a Coin Now is it a Kids Video

Is this video made for kids?
Regardless of your location, you're legally required to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other laws. You're required to tell us whether your videos are made for kids. What's content made for kids?

Yes, it's made for kids.
Features like personalized ads and notifications won't be available on videos made for kids. Videos that are set as made for kids are more likely to be recommended alongside other kids' videos. Learn more

Learn more

No, it's not made for kids

Do you want to restrict your video to an adult audience?
These videos are not shown in certain areas of YouTube. By default, age-restricted videos won't include ads and can't be monetized. Learn more
^^Above is the Information that must be filled out when Publishing a Video^^

Bloody Duplicate Content Another Problem is their duplicate content Manger. You must hit people up who have used some of your content or it will come and backfire onto you. 
Duplicate content This has happened to me as I was aware that people had used ten seconds of some of my videos.

I highly recommend that you use the YouTube Duplicate Content Button, It's Available to Channels that have No breachers and other YouTube Conditions. Ok if you see even ten seconds of your video on someone else's Channel you must fill out the report button, If you don't do this you will be a breach for dual content ( Yes I know this is crazy because it's your Video but the Stupid YouTube Robots obviously don't understand this Language) 

Your channel is no longer eligible to monetise. Learn how to re-apply.
Hi Sam
During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos that you've uploaded to your channel Blow the Truth. We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Programme policiesAs of today, your channel is not eligible to monetise, and you will not have access to monetisation tools and features. Please go to your monetisation page
 to read more about the specific policy that our specialists flagged.
We know that this is tough news, and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. We have a responsibility to ensure that our community is safe for creators, viewers and advertisers. At the same time, we understand that you may have unintentionally made mistakes. That's why you'll be able to reapply for the YouTube Partner Programme in 30 days. This 30-day time period allows you to make changes to your channel to make sure that it's in line with our policies.

What this means for your channel
You'll continue to have access to most creator features on YouTube that enable you to grow your audience, build your community and manage your videos. You can:
  • Upload, edit or delete your videos
  • Read, respond to or moderate your comments
  • Analyse your channel performance in YouTube Analytics
  • Get best practices and strategic advice from Creator Academy
  • Connect to other creators in the YouTube Help Forum
There is no change to how your videos are promoted in our Search and Recommendation systems.

How to monetise again
To reapply for monetisation, you should start by going to the monetisation page
 to review the policy that your channel violated. Then review your videos with our YouTube Partner Programme policies and our Community Guidelines
 in mind. The next step is to edit or delete any videos that violate our policies.
In 30 days, you'll see the option to reapply on the monetisation page
. If you reapply, our review team will carefully look over your content again to make sure that it now meets our YouTube Partner Programme policies. We will email you and update you on YouTube Studio
 as soon as the process is complete. This usually takes about a month.
Note that as mentioned in the Partnership Programme Terms, the YouTube Terms of Service continue to apply to your use of the YouTube service even though your Partnership Programme Terms are terminated.
Please also note that standard YPP eligibility criteria of 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 subscribers will continue to apply here.

- The YouTube Leftard Team, This is Disgraceful  YouTube   Enjoy the Consequences 

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